Wykaz czasopism

Discourses on Culture is a semi-annual academic research-orientated journal published by University of Social Sciences, devoted to the development of theoretical and practical issues related to specific discourses which include, but are not limited to, intercultural, disciplinary, and organizational communication.
Given the multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary contexts in which much of today's communication takes place, the journal promotes the ideas of ‘interculturality’ and ‘interdisciplinarity’ embracing linguistic,socio-cultural and organizational aspects of these processes. In supporting these ideas, the journal crosses disciplinary boundaries and encourages interaction and scholarly debate between academics from such fields as Humanities and Social Sciences.


1. Intercultural  and multi-disciplinary research approach which crosses subject-specific boundaries.
2. Innovative tools and methods for exploring aspects of human communication.
3. New theoretical insights that advance our understanding of applied linguistics, second language learning and teaching, translation studies, literature, cultural studies and management and organizational discourses.
4. Scholarly-based forum for researchers representing different fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Theoretical and empirical manuscripts written in English are invited. The methodological approach is pluralistic, so research papers using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods are accepted for review.

Discourses on Culture is an Open Access journal.
ISSN 2450-0402